Why the “friends and family” round has to go

The myth of the “entrepreneurial gene” rests on the idea that some individuals are more inclined to become successful entrepreneurs than others based on their lineage. If you think this sounds like BS, you’re right. The assumption that entrepreneurial spirit is passed down through family and genetics ignores the social…

Why the VC, startup, and tech communities need to make a stand

56% — portion of college-educated women who say they would not apply for a job in a state that has recently banned abortion

3x — the increase in women who are more likely to be unemployed if they cannot access abortion

14 billion dollars — the yearly economic losses Texas…

First of all, thanks for the personal touch and openness. This is something we are constantly thinking about at our firm as well and how to best support our internal team and our portfolio CEOs for success in both work and family life. I'd love to see or hear about any good information that you've found or discovered since writing this. Keep fighting the good fight!

It is our responsibility to make everyday economic choices that drive impact… and save the planet.

The sustainability and impact focus we saw become mainstream in 2020 has fortunately carried over to 2021. As a nation, we have a president who seems prepared to take the battle against climate change seriously, and we are actively engaged in confronting historically ingrained social and systemic inequalities. We have…

In an extension of focusing on the wellbeing of people, it is just as important to focus on the wellbeing of our planet and our global economy and supply chain from a sustainability and impact perspective.

Let’s build companies and ecosystems intentionally and inclusively

How r/wallstreetbets created the opportunity of a lifetime for startups and VCs

Financial outcomes aside, numerous takes on the r/wallstreetbets x Robinhood showdown over GameStop — from the David and Goliath face-off of retail investors versus Wall Street, to the hypocrisy presented by Robinhood’s name, to the rare bipartisan condemnation of the trading app’s actions. I published my last piece, the Democratization…

Driven by an unprecedented amount of accessibility.

Reading Fred Wilson’s blog post, The Revenge of Retail, this morning inspired me to get these thoughts down on paper.

First, a point for clarity. Markets are ruthless and it is likely a lot of retail traders are going to lose their asses treating the markets like a casino. Underneath…

Emerging tech meets ESG

Two of my recent posts discuss the tailwinds in ESG and that transparency is the key to it all. Still, one critical question keeps me up at night: How do we ensure that the transition to a more sustainable future actually delivers on the social and environmental mandates it promises?

Democracy is fragile. “The Hill We Climb” by Amanda Gorman is our call to action.

Someone asked me why I cared so much about watching the entirety of the inauguration ceremonies. I didn’t know how to respond at first — Now I do.

For the first time in the past…

Samantha Lewis

Venture Capitalist at Mercury Fund. I can’t resist founders who care deeply about the problem they are solving, as I do. Opinions my own.

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