Impact-tech: How a scrappy blockchain startup is defining an industry

Emerging tech meets ESG

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Topl: A Blockchain Built for ESG

Topl has built a cutting-edge, impact-specific blockchain to bridge the transparency gap companies face in proving their ethical and sustainable business practices.

A Global Problem Finally Meets its Match

The company’s own journey, of course, starts with this team.

Topl’s founders have always had ambitious dreams rooted in the belief that transparency and monetizing impact are key to building a world where purpose and profit go hand in hand.

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Impact Drives Every Decision

Topl is committed to ensuring its mission, team and technology are all impact-led. This conviction has proven to be a huge factor in the company’s ability to attract top tier talent (they are hiring!). Topl’s commitment to their mission of transparency and sustainable impact echoes throughout the very fabric of their daily decision making, from internal operations to the technology itself.

Executing on the Vision

You can’t solve some of the globe’s most vexing problems without money. Kim and her team just closed a major funding round covered by Crunchbase, but I can assure you it wasn’t a walk in the park. Topl’s total funding is now over $4M, with a portion of that being raised during a crypto winter and during a time when traditional investors still thought impact meant you had to sacrifice returns (spoiler: they were wrong).

Investors are finally starting to realize the potential of this over-looked market opportunity, so 2021 might shape up to be the year that impact-tech finally becomes one of VC’s darling children.

  1. Recruiting exceptional talent to their team, their board, and their cap table
  2. Executing on business goals while also building an ecosystem of customers, investors, employees, and supporters, all dedicated to building a world where purpose and profit go hand in hand.

Venture Capitalist at Mercury Fund. I can’t resist founders who care deeply about the problem they are solving, as I do. Opinions my own.

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